2 min readAug 16, 2023

The first HERO collection pays homage to the heroes who had made Juventus what it is today. We wanted our design to tell a story that reverberates with the passion and dedication of the club’s fans worldwide.

Our main inspiration when developing this design was the club’s first-ever shirt, featuring classic black and white stripes, a representation of the club’s tradition and excellence. The fusion of pink and yellow plays homage through player motifs to the heroes that have contributed to the club’s history.

The campaign unfolds in Turin, the city where Juventus was founded in 1897. Against the picturesque backdrop of the River Po, the longest in Italy, our campaign shoot started at Ponte Umberto, a delightful location capturing the blend of Juventus’ rich heritage and modern touch.

At the mesmerising “Fontana dei dodici mesi,” a 19th-century monument, our hero shots reflect Legacies’ mission to unite the club’s past and future, seamlessly merging historical symbolism with contemporary creativity.

With this drop we aim to ignite passion among Juventus fans worldwide, inspiring them to proudly champion their club, both within and beyond the stadium.

Note: The Juventus HERO collection will be available for purchase in September on www.LEGACIES.com