2 min readNov 27, 2023

Shooting our Benfica collection: From Estadio Da Luz to Marquês de Pombal

The first time we set foot in Estadio Da Luz, we knew we would be shooting our campaign there. As football fans, we’ve been to iconic stadiums, but there was something captivating about Benfica’s home. You could feel the cheers in the empty stadium, the power it held. That’s precisely what we aimed to convey with our collection: the club’s power and its iconic mascot. Produced in Portugal and meticulously crafted, the design showcases the majestic eagle symbolising courage, freedom, and determination.

Back in May, when we first visited, we had the chance to see the club’s three iconic eagles — Vitoria, Gloria, and Luz — peacefully guarding the stadium. Little did we know that a few months later, we would have the incredible opportunity to shoot up close with one of them. It took the entire crew a while to fully grasp what had just happened, being in the presence of such a majestic animal that embodies the club’s values.

The rest of our campaign took place in the heart of Lisbon, where the decadent architecture, tiled facades, and bustling streets perfectly framed our collection. As suggested by our models — two committed Benfica fans — we finished the day at Marquês de Pombal, an iconic location where all title-winning celebrations are held.

This design aims to unite Benfica fans, proudly displaying their connection to excellence and the emblematic spirit of the eagle while championing a club with such a rich history that resonates with football fans everywhere.